Phonics i-Learner

 Why Phonics i-Learner?

Phonics has the power to equip a learner of English with the essential reading, spelling and pattern-identification skills based on letter grouping. It is especially effective for Chinese learners with pictorial mother tongues.

Let your students devote 15 minutes, 5 times a week to Phonics i-Learner, and see their pronunciation, spelling and reading skills blossom in 3 months!

 Key features

Phonics i-Learner helps students attain spelling and reading success using methods approved by experienced phonics teachers. It:

  • teaches letters and sounds to give students' phonemic awareness.
  • teaches students how to blend English sounds together to form words.
  • uses a storytelling approach to enhance learning effectiveness.
  • consists of a range of exercises and computer games to consolidate learning in entertaining ways.

We also provide phonics workshops, phonics curriculum development support and course materials.

 Rapid and Measurable Progress
With Phonics i-Learner, students will be able to:
  • read new English words aloud;
  • spell a word according to its sound;
  • recognise the patterns of letters in words;
  • improve their oral and listening skills at a rapid pace;
  • read better, decoding words faster and more accurately;
  • write better, with better spelling and an expanding vocabulary bank.
"In summary, deep and thorough knowledge of letters, spelling patterns, and words, and of the phonological translations of all three, are of inescapable importance to both skillful reading and its acquisition. By extension, instruction designed to develop children's sensitivity to spellings and their relations to pronunciations should be of paramount importance in the development of reading skills. This is, of course, precisely what is intended of good phonic instruction."
Adams, Marilyn J., "Beginning to Read: Thinking and Learning About Print", 1990. p. 416


My dictation results have improved by more than ten marks after using Phonics i-Learner! I don't find dictation that hard now. Even though school teaches phonics too, I find Phonics i-Learner a lot more interesting. I love playing the games on Phonics i-Learner and I love the exercises too. I can more or less spell what the teacher says in class. I am more confident. And I like to speak up more in class now!
Chan Tse Hin (P.4) C&MA Chui Chak Lam Memorial School

I love Phonics i-Learner. The teacher's voice is vivid! I have just joined the programme three months ago. I have listened to the whole course many times - it is just like listening to stories - so interesting that I don't feel bored at all. There are a lot of games there. I will use my Easter holiday to do more exercises and play the games again. I want to be able to do level 2 quickly! Oh, finally, I think Phonics i-Learner can help me to do better in the Speech Festival!
Ng Yan Lam (P.3) CCC Kei Faat Primary School (Yau Tong)

Kin Hei and I love Phonics i-Learner. I will listen to the story first and then put down the key points. Then I will learn phonics together with Kin Hei module by module, story by story. Since Kin Hei understands the rules of phonics and enjoys stories, he is very motivated to learn more. I have learnt a lot about phonics too!

Kin Hei was very scared of new English words. He is not now. He is more confident and he will read aloud according to the rules he learnt from Phonics i-Learner. Phonics i-Learner has really helped him with his English and I will let him work on Level Two of the programme!
Chan Kin Hei's parent (F.1) Ching Chung Hau Po Woon Secondary School

My vocabulary and listening have improved dramatically after using i-Learner. I can use new words in my compositions and I can read with better understanding now. Also, my listening has improved a lot and I am happy.
Chan Chi To S.W.C.S. Chan Pak Sha School





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