Grammar i-Learner

  Why Grammar i-Learner?

Grammar i-Learner is an intelligent e-Learning platform which provides a short cut for second language learners and native English speaking children to the mastery of grammar. The self-paced interactive learning mode gives learners insight into language patterns and rules that are crucial for both first and second language acquisition. Make hard work pay! Let all students master the foundation of English!

  Key Features

 Tailor-made Grammar Topics and Schedules

Students can adjust the sequence and schedule of Grammar i-Learner to design an individualised grammar practice programme. Schools can also create a school-based grammar programme according to the grammar domains covered in classroom teaching. Grammar i-Learner teaches English grammatical construction in a systematic but concurrent manner.

 An Intelligent Redo Engine

The 'Redo Engine' automatically retests wrongly answered questions according to the memory curve to ensure mastery of specific grammar knowledge. It makes sure that students spend more time practising the areas they most need to improve.

 A Self-motivated Learning Process

Students can set their own pace and see their own progress through focusing on their weaker areas. The attractive and friendly interface makes using the programme fun. The bonus accumulation system promotes ownership of the learning process.

 Grammar i-Learner has two levels:

  • Level 1: suits primary school students to lower secondary students who need a more solid foundation of grammar. It is also suitable for junior primary native English speakers.
  • Level 2: caters for students who wish to acquire more in-depth grammar knowledge and polish their language application. It directs students to note the irregularities in grammar and focuses on the common errors made by second language learners.


My grammar has improved a lot after working with Grammar i-Learner. My English results have improved by more than 10 points! The intelligent re-do engine helps me understand my weaknesses in grammar and enables me to learn from mistakes. I am more confident with English now.
Hugo Leung Queen's College
I learned a lot of essential grammar rules from Grammar i-Learner. It helped my writing and exams to a great extent. Most importantly, I've learned other writing techniques, not just grammar. The 1-day, 7-day and monthly redo engine consolidates my memory of difficult grammar items I once made mistakes in.
Wan Ho Tung Buddhist Sin Tak College
My English exam mark and writing skills have improved significantly. My confidence in English has grown. I love the jokes in the grammar exercises. Compared to traditional grammar books, Grammar i-Learner provides more detailed explanations, which is the thing I like the most. Both my parents support me to use i-Learner's programmes.
Jimmy Ka Lin Ip Renaissance College
I've done different grammar exercises before and it's quite similar to Grammar i-Learner. However, the immediate answer and feedback of Grammar i-Learner promotes my interest in learning. Its intelligent redo engine helps me to understand the reason why I made mistakes. It is something that a normal grammar book can't do. Grammar i-Learner helps me to write grammatical sentences in writing. Understanding grammar rules also benefits reading.
Zeng Ya Wan HKWMA Chu Shek Lun Secondary School
My vocabulary and listening have improved dramatically after using i-Learner. I can use new words in my compositions and I can read with better understanding now. Also, my listening has improved a lot and I am happy.
Chan Chi To S.W.C.S. Chan Pak Sha School

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English Learning Programmes

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Reading i-Learner 每月$134/month 每月$100/month Subscribe
Cross-Curricular i-Learner 每月$134/month 每月$100/month Subscribe
Grammar i-Learner / 每月$100/month Subscribe
DSE i-Learner /  $150/month

Marking of writing paper: $298/per set
Marking of listening & integrated skills paper: $198/per set
Vocabulary i-Learner / Any 3 level:  $50/month Subscribe

Chinese e-Learning Programmes

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Chinese i-Learner  $83/month  $70/month Subscribe
Classical Chinese i-Learner / 1 level:  $25/month
Any 2 levels:  $50/month
Any 3 levels:  $75/month
MandarinKey / 4 stages:  $165/month
Mandarin Pathway / (Traditional Chinese Version) 6 stages: $100/month ( 120 e-books)
(Simplified Chinese Version) Any 2 stages: $190/month ( 256 e-books)

Other Programmes

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Maths i-Learner 每月$80/month 每月$60/month Subscribe
Portuguese i-Learner Click "Subscribe" if you are interested in subscribing to Portuguese i-Learner Programme.
eStoryLand Click "Subscribe" if you are interested in subscribing to eStoryLand Programme.

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